This is Me

I am a dreamer, through and through.

I envision, design, discover, and I am always striving to find new and interesting ways to tell stories.

I see the world through the lens of Him who created it, and I am always attempting to bring out the most beauty I possibly can with every film I record and picture that I snap.

On a much lighter note, I am a goldfish fanatic. Not the cracker, but the actual animal. They are my constant companions and I personally believe that they bring life and excitement to the boredom that is my dorm room.

I love to laugh, especially at puns. I am also a really big advocate for swing music, but I have a soft spot for varying punk music. I’m also very afraid of chickens… (they literally just want to peck your ankles!)

I have never been afraid to get out of my comfort zone and do something I have never had to do before.

This is just a little about me, I’m sure I’ve forgotten to tell you something. But hey, if you want to know more about me, contact me, or keep exploring the website! I hear its pretty great 😉

Ariel Hlastan