How is building with a CMS different than building without one?

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Building with a CMS is quite frankly, simpler. There is a greater ease and less need for coding knowledge than there is without a CMS, and often times that is exactly what makes a CMS the better option for hopeful bloggers and website users. With a CMS, there are plenty of themes, plugins, and colors to use and choose from in the actual design process of the website. There are entire tutorials dedicated to just one of the many different options for customizing a website. Think of it as an empty room, and there is an entire paint store, furniture store, hardware store at your disposal, and you can use anything you want, for free, and minimal knowledge is required to use the tools. That is one of the main differences, between building with or without a CMS.

Building with a CMS is also different in the fact that you can allow your client to edit the website after you got it up and running for them. This is not always the case, but because of the simplicity in using a CMS program, often times the client of the website you built can go on to manage the website after it is completed. They can update it and change it however they would like, provided they can read where each of the different optimization buttons are. There is no need for them to learn how to code or how to program. So, in that way, using a CMS is much better than using straight code. Sometimes, simplicity is better.

This may be an obvious thing about using a CMS, and that is that during the installation of different plugins, the sites may have gained unnecessary “bloat” which can affect the speed of the site. And yes, often times this can all be changed and rearranged in editing, but often times the CMS pre-installs some things that you really cannot get rid of. This is one of the complaints that many non-CMS developers have about using a CMS. The “bloat” on the sites is completely customizable in any straight code website, thus increasing speed of the page and overall performance.

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