What CMS do I use?

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So which of the many different CMS programs am I using?

I am using WordPress. Why?

Comparatively, it is one of the easier CMS programs to use, especially for beginners, which I am. It offers tutorial videos and explanatory tips, clear and helpful toolbars, making it clear, easy and straightforward in terms of usage and learning how to use it. This is a great thing about WordPress and it must be a highlight for most of its users, considering the majority of its 75 million users are neither developers nor programmers, and have a rudimentary knowledge of webpage building. Another thing about it is that it was designed to save us (the users) time.  All that to say that one of the more attractive things about WordPress must be its simplicity.

Not only that, but WordPress itself is free! Now I know that just because something is free does not mean it is good or worth using. But with 2600+ WordPress themes to choose from and 31,000+ plugins, all of whom are free, I dare say that this CMS program might be one of the better ones. With simplicity of design and freedom to customize virtually every aspect of a website, WordPress offers a wide range of themes, tutorials and manageability, making it easily one of the better CMS programs on the web.

Now, there are other CMS programs out there such as Joomla, Drupal, SharePoint and others, but each of these is slightly more complicated than the other, with Drupal being the most advanced out of them all. Each of them requires a certain knowledge of programming, which I do not yet have.

This is why I chose to go with WordPress; beacuse it is designed for simplicity and ease, and with thousands of themes to choose from you can’t really go wrong.

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