What is CMS? Behind the scenes of digital content

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Take a moment and think about everything you have ever learned.

Go on. Think about it.

You learned how to talk, how to walk. Who Stephen Spielberg is, and what the most amazing animal is (a penguin, obviously). What the color blue is and the brilliant flavor concoction that is oatmeal raisin cookies. None of this was given to you, but rather you learned it. Over time, and sometimes through trial and error, but the point is that you had to learn it.

Now, imagine that you have to take all of the information that you have ever learned, and put it all into boxes. Chances are that you’d fill more than a shoe box. It’s more plausible to assume you’d fill hundreds maybe thousands of boxes, filled simply with the information that you’ve learned over the years.

But the question remains after you’ve filled your boxes; where do you store them all? No one wants to keep them all under the bed, for one because they wouldn’t fit under there and secondly, because it’d probably become hazardous to your midnight snacking habits. So where do you store them? Most would probably suggest a storage unit of sorts, or maybe even the attic or basement. Whatever the case, this is where you keep your boxes, taking out, replacing, changing and using the information as needed.

Now take the storage unit, the boxes inside it, and the information inside the boxes, and imagine it all digitally. The information is images, links, videos, screenshots and more. The boxes are the folders where they are stored, and the storage unit is something called a CMS, or Content Management System. It is essentially the storage unit and chief editor behind all websites. Sounds pretty simple, right? Well, that’s because it is, or can be, actually. There are many different kinds of CMS programs, all designed for different levels of website designers, bloggers, etc. Whatever the case, whether difficult to use, sleek in design, and amazing in functionality, they all serve the same purpose. To manage digital content. We will take a look at different CMS programs later on, but I think that this is enough of an information dump for now.

So, what do you do with all of this new information? Put it on a CMS.

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