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About Me.

Multicolor Laser Light Art

Creating Films That Make A Difference, And Make You THINK.

Hi World! My name is Ariel Loewenthal I am a recent graduate from Stevenson University Film and Moving Image program. I have interned at Maryland Public Television helping on their live broadcasts, also worked at Stevenson University Sports Broadcast program for three years. Not only do I have experience in broadcast, but I have Assistant Directed and Production Designer short narrative projects. I have worked on short films entitled:  Subject 17, Picket Fence, Arrow in Flight is Motionless, One Smell of a Night, Pamela and Marion, Finding Phoebe to name a few. I have experience being a PA, Gaffer, Assistant Camera, and doing anything on set.

As a female filmmaker what topics are most important to you?


I think finding stories that most people have never heard about before, and creating a film of them overcoming  that diversity. Also working on sets that have actors/actresses and crew that normally wouldn’t get a position on a film because of their race/religion/gender or whatever makes them different.


If you time travel anywhere in the world where would you?


I would love to go back to Ireland, it has held a special place in my heart because the vibrant and nice people, places with amazing views, and some intriguing history. Plus the only thing open late is the pubs which doesn’t hurt!


What was your favorite part of working on films?


Really forming a connection with people that share a passion for creating art, on long days and nights. You get to really learn all about them and what interests them and why they do what they do. It then motivates me even more.


What flavor of ice cream would you describe yourself as?


I would say strawberry, because with the first bite it’s a shot of fruitiness, but also savory. I think I am ice cream always because I can turn a bad day into a happy one. Strawberry ice cream is the color pink and I look really great in pink!

Ariel On Sets
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