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  1. I offer a great product. Videos allow you to watch the person being deposed beyond a written transcript.

  2. I offer competitive rates against those who currently provide transcripts through out the state of Connecticut.

  3. I have great turn around I can get you a video and if needed a written transcript back to you within 5 days.


Book 3 depositions now get one free!


Contact Information or 203-736-1533

Hey my name is Ariel Loewenthal. I am a local filmmaker and notary public in the state of Connecticut. I want to combine both my passions to offer video deposition services to lawyers in the state of Connecticut. I have done over 20 depositions where I have either been the notary public and videographer as the official record or just the

Screen Shot 2020-09-22 at 2.05.20 PM.png

videographer. I want expand my business to more lawyers through out the state Connecticut. I can give you three great reasons why you should chose my service against others in the state of Connecticut.

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